On the Road Again: Toys for (Looong!) Car Trips

As we head into summer—that season of vacations and car trips with screaming tots—I wanted to send you off on the road with a little help. Which is precisely why I’ve selected (from the oodles of great playthings that exist) four fabulous fold-‘n’-go toys that’ll keep those kids—be they tykes or teens—busy in the backseat during your next road trip. So without further ado, I bring you my top travel toys of 2010:

  1. Crayola Dry Erase Travel Activity Center. First of all, dry-erase kit racks up major cool points for its ease of portability—but aside from that, it’s also a marvelous educational tool. Interchangeable templates help children write, draw, count or just play different games—whether that’s at the kitchen table or in the car.
  2. Zingo Travel Game. Think Fun brings you a way to keep between two and eight kids occupied with this game that’s reminiscent of Bingo: Your kids will have race each other to be the first to fill their cards with a set of matching picture tiles.
  3. Animal Soup Card Game. Why not distract your little ones with a quick card game in the back of the SUV? Enter Briarpatch’s Animal Soup, which challenges children ages 5 and up to match up the crazy critters they spot on the cards!
  4. Travel Around the World Teddy Bear. What better way to gallop the globe than with a plush and portable teddy? Aurora has just the one, and he even comes with in a carrying case the size of a lunch box and with a map so your kid can discover where his or her travelmate is from.

Make it a fab summer…and happy toy trails!


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