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Kids Who Care: Charity Begins With Play

If raising just about any child in today’s materially-focused, celeb-geeked world is a Herculean challenge, then it may seem downright impossible to rear a kid who actually gives a rip—about his or her family, about the community, and about the world around us all. That’s why, when I ran across a handful of toy companies that […]

Toy Trivia

Q: How many feet of wire does it take to make one Slinky? A: It takes 80 feet of wire to make one Slinky, which was invented in 1945 by Richard and Betty James and has sold more than a quarter billion worldwide..

Drizzly Day? Go With These Games

As high-tech gadgets have claimed so much of the media spotlight in recent times, one decidedly low-tech option suddenly sounds like a great escape from our stimuli-a-minute e-world: The board game. I know, I know: for some of you, board gaming sounds like a snore—the kind of activity that blue-haired senior citizens sit playing after […]

The Brainpower Boost: Rev Up Your Child’s Imagination During the Sunny Season

All the recent chatter about America’s childhood obesity pandemic has shifted our gaze away from another potential sloth: Our children’s brainpower may be seeping away as they passively take in oodles of media. Without consistent, vigorous exercis the brain indeed atrophies as quickly as your waist measurement seems to climb once you hit 30. What […]

The Outdoor Life: Summer Plaything Picks That Get Kids Moving Again

If Michelle Obama is a tad worried, that’s enough to nab my full attention: Last February, the First Lady launched the “Let’s Move!” campaign to fight an obesity epidemic that is jeopardizing our children’s health. Our kids come by their fat honestly—two thirds of American adults are overweight or obese, and one third of our […]

On the Road Again: Toys for (Looong!) Car Trips

As we head into summer—that season of vacations and car trips with screaming tots—I wanted to send you off on the road with a little help. Which is precisely why I’ve selected (from the oodles of great playthings that exist) four fabulous fold-‘n’-go toys that’ll keep those kids—be they tykes or teens—busy in the backseat […]